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About FNL1 eSports

The following text is taken from the description provided by the community owner(s).

We are a sim racing community based in Australia and New Zealand, and also some from south east Asia region.

AusNZ SimRacing group is dedicated to connecting people who are enthusiastic about sim-racing. We also play some other games/sims on a casual basis. Our main goal is to bring like minded individuals together for some FUN sim racing. We enjoy fast, fun, clean, mildly competitive racing and will not tolerate overly aggressive behavior. As the saying goes, "rubbing is racing" but please play fair. We are not competing for Sheep Stations! Most of our current members are based in Australia and New Zealand (and 'official' race times are based on local AUS/NZ time zones) but we WELCOME members from all over the world, if you are willing and able to deal with the time zone differences!

Join us for some serious fun!